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Full Body UV Therapy Panel

Item Code: 1005
Price:  $6,272.73 excl. GST

Full Body UV Therapy Panel

Item Code: 1005
Price:  $6,272.73 excl. GST
Sorry, this item isn't presently available for purchase

Applications for this product

  • Ideal for small practices
  • Safe and easy to use for home use patients, with doctor's recommendations
  • The device can only be operated with a key switch to prevent unauthorized access

Features of this product

  • The device is equipped with a dosimetry, which adjust treatment time in real-time. This allows a very accurate dosage, making treatments reliable and safe.
  • An easy-to-use micro-controller allows you to input the dosage in J / cm². The device automatically calculates the therapy time for you.
  • The highly efficient aluminum reflector maximizes the output of the tubes. The treatment time is shortened and energy is saved.

Why Choose This Product

  • Small foot print for easy storage
  • Relatively inexpensive than a UV Cabin
  • Despite the compact size, the OCTAderm provides an excellent therapy with 8 full size UV tubes
  • Mobile on 4 wheels and easy to move around

Specifications of this product

  • Powerful 8 x UV Tubes
  • Plugs into 10 amp general power outlet
  • Come in UVA or NBUVB versions
  • Power consumption 1550 VA
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 69 x 69 x 195 cm